Seal Coating


Seal coating is the process of applying an extra protective layer onto your driveway or parking lot. It acts as an impervious shell that protects it from the elements year-round. Asphalt and concrete protection are essential for the longevity of your structures and surfaces. Asphalt seal coating and concrete seal coating are the number-one step you can take now to extend the life of your pavement tomorrow, preventing damage and future liabilities.

Damage to asphalt and concrete can be caused by anything from the sun to the changing seasons (and the freezing and thawing of your surfaces). By sealcoating, you prevent repair costs of crack filling and potholes later. Seal-coating protects against water and the freeze-thaw cycle as well. Additionally, seal coating blocks the drying effects of the sun all year long. Asphalt sealing protects your surface from the damage of auto-fluid that can leak from vehicles, too. It even keeps your asphalt looking new, boosting the appearance of your asphalt and the overall look of your property—a look that’s even easier to maintain with the simpler surface washing with the smooth, impervious surface.

To get the most out of all your construction, Reliable Paving provides these different types of seal coating services:

  • Asphalt seal coating is the number-one choice for durable and efficient protection. This type of sealcoat is resistant to water and UV rays from the sun. Depending on the traffic on your asphalt surface, this protection can last for up to five years. Protecting your lot or hiring us for our driveway sealcoating ensures extend longevity and protection for your surfaces.


  • Concrete seal coating: Sealing your concrete driveway or parking lot refreshes its look and helps combat corrosion and freeze damage. It will save you unplanned costs for years to come, and extend the lifespan of your driveway or parking lot.


  • Pavement seal coating: Seal coating your pavement helps to protect your pavement—and thereby your investment. Our seal coating acts as a protective layer and reinforces your lot, road or driveway so you can enjoy the highest performance.


  • Black top seal coating: Sealcoating for black tops is designed to protect your surface from damage caused by all the natural elements. Not only does it extend the life of your investment, it keeps community surfaces safe and durable.


How long after sealcoating can you drive on it?

You should wait between 48 to 72 hours before driving on a newly-applied sealcoat. It does depend on the temperature and humidity of the air, too, but in all cases requires at least two full days before vehicles or pedestrian traffic cross the surface.

When should a driveway or parking lot be sealed?

The best time to seal your parking lot or driveway is during fall (and sometimes spring) since it requires a temperature above 50 and a period of at least 24 hours without heavy rain. Fall is generally ideal because you’re able to protect your driveway or parking lot just before winter hits.

From asphalt to black top sealing, your surfaces will see the best performance with our unique seal coating process. Our team of skilled professionals prioritizes cleanliness and safety to ensure your satisfaction with the end result.

To leave you even more satisfied, our seal coating prices are fair and transparent, too.

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we offer the professionals, products and services you need in one place. Get in touch today for a quote.