Top 8 Tips to Keep Your Parking Lot in Good Shape

At Reliable Paving, we’ll be able to help you out no matter the state of your parking lot.

That said, it’s more important to us to save you money and make your life easier. We strongly advise performing regular general maintenance on your parking lot to extend its longevity as much as possible.

“That sounds expensive,” you think. Or maybe you think it sounds complicated. But it’s not. A clean and flawless parking lot is on the other side of these 8 tips. Not only will your lot stay in better condition longer, but the look of your overall property will benefit.

Here are our top 8 tips to maintain your parking lot in brag-worthy condition.


1. Seal-coat your parking lot

Asphalt deterioration is unavoidable. However, it can definitely be slowed down. Have your asphalt seal-coated between three and six months of its initial installation. Seal-coating for asphalt is where a professional paving company applies an overlay on the actual pavement. Not only does this give your asphalt a slick and flawless look, it also acts as a protective shell.

There are many factors in the regular deterioration of asphalt, including the sun, brutal temperature changes, tree roots crawling under—the list goes on. And all of these have the consequence of reducing the elasticity of the asphalt, allowing water to get in. With water filtration, cracks form, and cracks lead to potholes. Seal-coating your asphalt is an investment that results in savings later in repair and even accidents. Seal-coal your asphalt every three to five years for maximum protection.

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2. Perform efficient and regular clean-up

Removing dirt, leaves and debris from your parking lot on a schedule you can stick to will improve its physical aspect, prevent damage in the long term, and create an optimally safe space for the people using the space. By regularly cleaning up, you enable optimal water drainage, too, minimizing standing water on your lot along with the damage it causes.


3. Maintain proper drainage

Speaking of drainage issues, it’s your responsibility to the longevity and condition of your parking lot to make sure that drainage is working right. Proper drainage allows water to channel out of your parking lot, because standing water will allow moisture to seep into the asphalt and promote faster deterioration. Drainage directly affects your parking lot’s lifespan.


4. Repair cracks regularly

As soon as you note a crack on your parking lot, get it sealed. The longer you wait to have cracks repaired, the bigger the cracks will become. It’s simple science. By waiting, you face the risk of any one crack turning into a pothole. Not only do you save later by having a crack quickly sealed, you also preserve the natural elasticity of your parking lot. Moreover, cracks make your parking lot look ugly and unkempt, and they present a certain safety risk for pedestrians. Believe us—you would rather call a crack sealing professional now than rack up medical bills or complaints.

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5. Look at the calendar—and repave if it’s been 10+ years

If you didn’t pay enough attention to the cracks in your parking lot in the past, and the state of your lot has gotten pretty bad, you might want to consider repaving. You might observe asphalt crumble in places. If this is the case, the only possible course is to repave. For any lots 10+ years out from their last reconstruction, the asphalt’s loss of elasticity will require this no matter the state of the surface.

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6. Ensure a well-illuminated space

Hazards become exponentially more dangerous where there isn’t enough light, and that goes for your parking lot, too. Again, for safety reasons, make sure your parking lot is well-illuminated for visitors to the property. Lighting also helps in theft-prevention by allowing your security cameras to cover the whole area with usable footage in the case of a problem.


7. Regularly re-stripe when the paint fades

To make sure the users of your parking lot use it correctly when they park their vehicles, make sure your parking lot striping is clearly visible. Moreover, you should also make sure your parking lot is fully ADA compliant. That way, you enable an easier access to your facility to anyone who wishes to use it and avoid steep non-compliance fees later.

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8. Invest in an efficient landscape

Consider adding design and landscaping features to your parking lot for better performance, too. Adding trees, plants and bushes around the edges or in raised curbs across the lot can add color and make it a more natural space for pedestrians to enjoy. In addition to the boosted appearance, landscaping also helps prevent soil erosion, reduce storm water damage, and reduce carbon dioxide in the area.


Maintaining your parking lot is a basic tenant of good property ownership. Not only is guaranteeing the security of the pedestrians using your parking lot your duty, but if you want to make the most out of your investment, this maintenance is in your own best interest. Pay close and regular attention to the state of your parking lot, starting with an inspection today. And if you do find something worth fixing, you know who to turn to. We’ll get you started with a free quote, just click below.