The Ultimate Guide to Parking Lot Inspection

Your business probably has a parking lot. It’s an important and useful part of every business. It’s the first thing most clients see before they even go in the building, so it’s important that it makes a good impression. Not only does it create a first impression, it needs to be a reliable and safe place for vehicles to stay. It’s thus of utmost importance to keep your parking lot in good working order. Regular maintenance, upkeep, and inspections are a must. In order to help you keep your parking lot in the best shape it can be, we’ve compiled a helpful guide for checking your lot and keeping it up to spec.

Why is parking lot inspection important?

It may seem like the kind of thing that you can do only when you have problems – when a problem in the lot becomes apparent, inspect the rest of it and find whatever other issues need fixing, right? Not exactly. There are actually quite a few reasons to keep your lot regularly inspected.

Avoid costly repairs

If you find a problem early, you can nip it in the bud. Small repairs are cheaper, faster, and easier than massive restoration projects.

Maintain the value of your lot

Not only will the parking lot continue to make a good impression on clients, but your lot and adjacent business will continue to be a positive investment. 


A regularly-inspected lot can stay safer. This means you won’t have to worry as much about potential injuries and lawsuits. A safer lot is better for business.

Keep your business going

A well-maintained lot is able to accommodate more cars. This means more business for you. A lot that isn’t properly maintained will need huge repairs down the road…meaning you will have to close of part of your lot. Inspection followed by small repairs keeps your lot working for you.

Ensure legality

Permits and licenses change periodically. The last thing you want is to get your business and/or parking lot shut down because you have an out of date parking lot. Make sure that you are on top of your certificates/licenses/permits so that you can stay in business. Frequent inspection helps to ensure total legality in your business’s parking lot.

Parking Lot Checklist

An official checklist, like this one can be complicated and confusing to follow. Fortunately, we’ve simplified it and provided a nice checklist that gives you guidelines for what to do.


  • Are points of ingress/sidewalks unobstructed? Is there debris on them that needs removal?
  • Can gates/doors open even in the case of power failure? Do they open when there is an alarm?
  • Are all gated points of entry clearly visible? Points of entry include doors, gates, lever arms (semaphore), and more.
  • Do automatic gates work correctly?
  • Do automatic gates function smoothly and without mechanical disruption?
  • Are plants near walkways trimmed and under control?


  • Is all signage in good repair and clearly visible?
  • Are entry and exit signs clear? 
  • Can the entrance be seen easily from passing vehicles?


  • Are stop signs at appropriate areas?
  • Are there mirrors at blind spots?
  • Are pavement lines, arrows, and signs clearly visible?
  • Are signs well-lit and easily visible?
  • Are parking spaces spaced appropriately? Are parking space lines clearly visible?
  • Are pedestrian walkways easy to see? 
  • Are signs pointing to pedestrian walkways visible and accurate?
  • Are handicapped parking spots clearly visible?
  • Are handicapped spots the correct size? (Sizes can vary from place to place).
  • Are there areas designated for various types of vehicles?
    • Bicycles
    • Motorcycles
    • Electric Cars
  • Is signage for electric car charging visible and accurate?
  • Is all interior marking/signage accurate? As construction/renovation happens, it may need to be changed.


  • Are appropriate safety signs in place? (fire exits, emergency exits, etc.)
  • Are fences/walls free from holes/damage?
  • Is there a routine security patrol?
  • Is night-time lighting adequate?
  • Are all lights functioning and in good condition?
  • Are there dark areas of the lot?
  • Is there CC TV camera recording?
  • Are there emergency stations, do they work properly?
  • Is the lot clear of abandoned vehicles?
  • Is there a fire hose/hydrant near by? Can the fire mitigation equipment be safely accessed?
  • Is the lot kept clear of debris, trash, and dangerous materials?

Entry and exit

  • Pertaining to stairs, elevators, and walkways:
      • Are they clearly lit?
      • Are they unobstructed?
      • Are they clear of water, ice, snow, oil, and slippery material?
      • Are handrails in working order?
  • Are elevators in good working order and up to date on certification?

Surfaces/Asphalt conditions

  • Is the asphalt paving smooth and easily to traverse?
  • Are pavement damages controlled/fixed? (potholes, cracks, etc.)
  • Are ramp slopes at the correct ratio?
  • Is there slip-resistant surfacing on ramps and other appropriate areas?

Water drainage

  • Is there storm water control?
  • Are drains/grates clear of debris?
  • Is the lot clear of standing water?
  • Is snow plowing/salting/sanding regular and adequate?
  • Is snow plowed to designated areas?
  • Are gutters unobstructed?

Pay stations

  • Are pay stations in good working order? Do they accept multiple forms of payment?
  • Are pay stations well-lit with proper signage?


  • Are workers trained properly?
  • Is there a first-aid kit available?
  • Are staff rooms/restrooms clean and unobstructed?
  • How are records kept? Records include:
    • Maintenance
    • Vehicles/accidents
    • Equipment
    • Work logs
  • Are staff properly certified in safety/job function?
  • Is fire-safety equipment maintained and available?
  • Do staff adhere to schedules?
    • Cleaning
    • Maintenance
    • Inspections
    • Safety

Need help maintaining your lot?

We’ve given you a pretty big list of stuff to keep track of, and that’s just for your parking lot, not even your business! Fortunately, Reliable Paving is a full-service paving contractor. We can perform the whole range of necessary tasks to keep your lot up to date. We do striping, repairs, paving, and much more. Send us a message today and we can ensure your lot is its absolute best.