Reliable Paving Company Update

2020 Has been an historic year. From wildfires to a pandemic to mass protests and civil unrest, a lot has happened. Despite the tumultuous craziness of this year, Reliable Paving has striven to be a bastion of stability and of course, reliability.

So, to begin this new year, we would like to look at some of our accomplishments, company ethos and culture, and our capabilities. Looking at our present and past, we can get an even better idea of what the future is in store for us.

A bit of company history

We started in 1984 with a simple idea that the best asphalt and pavement maintenance meant preventative maintenance. We worked on not just performing the best asphalt paving for our clients, but keeping them well-informed so they can make the best choices.

As we approach four decades in business, we continue to offer the best craftsmanship with a strong emphasis on customer-first priorities.

Our Service Method

Our service method can be summed up in two words: relentless cooperation. Paving projects require an enormous amount of troubleshooting, detailed planning, and the ability to work as a team and to integrate and work with other teams. Our team provides the project management to keep everyone accountable and work on time and on budget.

Our services include:

  • Quick responses to bids.
  • Managers assigned to each job.
  • Attending all meetings.
  • Being committed to cooperation with your staff and all other contractors.
  • Your managers and owners are guaranteed access to our Senior VP. of Sales.
  • You, your managers, and owners are encouraged to take an active role in every part of the construction process.
  • A licensed engineer on-site to guarantee quality control.

We aren’t just another paving contractor company, we strive not only to give you the best quality results, but also the best service possible. Like we said, relentless cooperation is the name of our game. If you are curious about what working with us is like, and want to try before you buy, contact us here for a free estimate on your project.

Company Culture

Reliable Commercial started out as a family business, and it remains a family business. We have grown to be a large company, with over 200 employees over time. Nonetheless, wee make sure that each person working for us knows they are part of a bigger picture, a working part of a much larger whole.

Our services

Asphalt paving

The vast majority of paved surfaces in this country are made of asphalt. Asphalt is 100% recyclable, in fact, it is one of the most recycled materials in the US, and 81% of asphalt is recycled. Our asphalt paving services include hot mix, cold mix, porous asphalt, and course graded asphalt.

Asphalt repairs

If you want your asphalt to last, it will eventually need to be maintained. Our services include crack filling, pothole repair, and resurfacing. Resurfacing is when a new layer is poured over the existing asphalt surface, which not only makes it look new, but makes it last longer. If you really want your asphalt to stand the test of time, you should consider sealcoating. Sealcoating is the process of weather-proofing the surface of asphalt so water can not get inside between the aggregate.

Concrete repairs

Concrete, unlike asphalt is often used in industrial situations. This means it is often subject to extreme heat, cold, corrosion, and stress. As it ages, it cracks, blazes, and blisters. These signs of age can range from inconvenient to dangerous. We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding all industry safety standards when it comes to repairing your concrete.


On top of asphalt sealcoating, we also offer various other sealcoating services.

  • Concrete sealcoating
  • Blacktop sealcoating
  • Pavement Sealcoating

Sealcoated surfaces are safe to drive on just 2-3 days after the coating, and they are protected for years afterwards.


Ensure your lot is clearly-marked, ADA compliant, and nice looking – make sure its stripes and markings are clear and bright. We have established a process to perform parking lot striping while using as little space and time as possible. That way, your business can continue as we do ours.

Crack sealing

We perform crack sealing on pavement, concrete, asphalt, and blacktop. Crack sealing can be a small task or a big one, untreated cracks lead to asphalt disintegration and distortion if left untreated. We treat cracks before they become big problems.

ADA compliance

We will help your organization avoid fines and legal troubles with our nuanced understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We provide consulting services for your business to help ensure ADA as well as our work with parking lot striping and marking.

Speed bump installation

We provide speed bump installs for parking lots and driveways. Perfect for keeping traffic safe at your business place.

Our accomplishments

All Storage Paving Project

We performed the massive paving project for the All Storage Fort Worth McCart. For pictures and an idea of the massive size of the project we took on, visit the web page for the storage facility. This behemoth of concrete and asphalt is a testament to the nearly 40 years of experience and our highly-skilled ant amazing crew.

Projects in 2021

Now that we are turning the leaf of a new year, you may be thinking about your own projects. Do you have a parking lot that needs resurfacing? Perhaps you are opening a business that will need a driveway and parking. Whatever your paving related needs, Reliable Paving has you covered. We would be happy to relentlessly serve you and ensure that you put the best foot forward with the projects you start this year. Contact us today, and we can get started with whatever asphalt, paving, and/or concrete project you have in mind.