Construction Equipment For Snow Removal

In Texas, we aren’t used heavy snow. Winter of 2020 brought some interesting weather, and with climate change, who knows what to expect. In order to handle dangerous cold in the future, it’s good to have a plan in the case of unexpected intense or dangerous icy weather. Southern states are much less used to freezing weather and snow. Thus they don’t often have the same infrastructure that northern states have set up. For example, numerous power generations stations froze over last year. This left everything from oil wellheads to wind turbines encoated in ice and becoming non-functional. The result was Texas losing about 45 gigawatts of energy generation capacity in a matter of days. A good way to prevent things from becoming dangerous and unusable in the future is to have some plan ready for when the snow and ice comes. This is especially true of construction sites, where a layer of snow can prevent work from being done for days, weeks, or even more. So what can you use to keep your property free of snow and ice? Believe it or not, a flamethrower isn’t your best choice. Read on for a list of ways to get rid of snow and ice with non-traditional equipment. Have a back up plan to prevent your businessplace from freezing to a halt.

For large-scale snow removal, construction equipment is the way to go

If your business is having a new building built, or a parking lot paved, or any other major construction, then have the contractor leave some equipment there. This is efficient for a variety of reasons, namely that equipment doesn’t have to be delivered to the site in the case of extreme weather. All that’s needed is a professional operator to make it to the site, and use the equipment that’s already there. It decreases the response time and helps get the project rolling sooner. With a few attachments, numerous construction vehicles are ideal snow removal tools.

Now, many construction and paving contractors don’t like the idea of leaving big, expensive equipment on mall parking lots or city streets. That’s understandable, but most machines can be set up with telematics. Telematics are a set of tools for locating equipment using GPS, this makes someone making off with equipment less of a worry.

Lighting is crucial

One of the benefits of using construction equipment for snow removal is visibility. Compact wheel loaders, bulldozers, and much more can be outfitted with floodlights for night work. The good news is that they make the equipment visible not just during the night, but during other low visibility circumstances as well. Heavy rain, and of course snow will be much less of a problem when your equipment is outfitted with top-mounted floodlights. 

It won’t just make it easier for your operators to see what’s around them while clearing snow. It will also make it easier for pedestrians and event the most distracted drivers to see. 

Other good options for increasing visibility are back-up cameras and beacons. Beacons are those small lights that go on top of vehicles, often police or other emergency vehicles. Beacons can also be mounted around the areas to be cleared. This perimeter lets drivers know what is off-limits and the contractor clearing the snow what his area of operations is. Mounted cameras on construction vehicles can give the operator an in-cabing view of their surroundings. Surroundings which might be otherwise difficult to see due to the snow and ice build up around them.

Prepping your equipment for cold weather

Any construction or asphalt paving equipment used for snow removal or winter building will need to adapt its equipment to colder weather. This involves not only attachments for actual snow removal, but also adapting hydraulic equipment for sub-freezing operations. Last but not least, don’t forget your workers! They need to have the right PPE for winter as well. It’s importnat to have cold weather clothes. Gloves are of special importance because the hands need to be protected while in use in equipment.

It’s a good solution for the off-construction season

As we know, winter is typically not the busiest season for builders. Fortunately, there is a great niche for construction equipment repurposed as snow removal gear: commercial and construction sites. These sites need clearing just as much as city roads, and they don’t always have existing contracts with snow-removal companies. A great way to ensure client confidence in your services is to do what we mentioned earlier: leave your equipment at the areas to be cleared of snow. This can be key to help ensure contracts. It can also result in a great client-customer relationship where the customer is completely assured of the performance of your snow removal services. 

Another benefit is the associated lower fuel costs. Construction equipment often operates at lower RPM and higher torque than plows and traditional vehicles. The benefit of this comes in lower fuel requirements. These substantial savings are yet another bonus that construction companies can pass on to their clients when clearing snow.

Asphalt paving in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex

Before you need your asphalt cleared of snow, you will need it paved in the first place. Fortunately, that’s where Reliable Paving comes into the picture. We are a full-service asphalt paving contractor. Our many capabilities inclue asphalt and concrete paving, resurfacing, seal coating, restriping, and ADA compliance, and more. We don’t know what winter will have in store this year in Texas, but if and when the storms come, we will be ready. Contact us for our asphalt paving, asphalt and concrete repair, and striping services today. We don’t know what the future has in store for us, but if winter weather hits Texas again as hard as it did last year, we will be ready to do our part to keep our state going.