Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Spring

How to ensure your pavement enters the spring and summer months in the best condition.

As winter finally lets its icy grip off of the nation (in most parts any way, some places are still having snowstorms), it’s time to check on your pavement. Winter in general is a colder, wetter time of the year, and that wreaks havoc on asphalt and paving. Water gets in cracks, feezes and expands, as we have noted before. Additionally, winter storms leave all kinds of debris on your parking lot and driveway that are a danger to motorists and pedestrians. Finally, now that the asphalt paving is clear, it’s as good a time as any to do some basic inspection work. Let’s look at the ways that you can make absolutely sure that your pavement is healthy going into the year.

Look, then leap

First of all, perform an inspection. The first thing you should do before major parking lot maintenance is an inspection. This will help you figure out what areas really need repairs and improvement, and where you are doing well. The best way to do this is to hire a professional paving service to take a look at your lot. They will notice things like small cracks that may not seem like a big deal, but that can lead to massive problems down the line. A professional paving contractor will also be able to advise you on the best course of action for how to repair your small problems so they don’t become serious hazards, and how to perform large maintenance projects/repairs if you need it.


Winter usually leaves pavement covered in all kinds of debris. If you live somewhere with winter snow and ice, you may think it’s all over when it melts. Well, the water may not be on the surface anymore, but what about your drainage systems? Are they full? Is debris like tree branches blocking your paving from fully draining? Additionally, if there was snow and ice on your lot, it may have been salted to prevent too much frozen water accumulation. Well, the water melts in the spring, but the salt remains, and it needs to get cleaned up. A deep cleanse will also rid the lot of overgrown plants, garbage left by people, dried leaves, and gravel. Getting rid of the foreign bodies from your paving makes the lot look beter and makes it safer for those who will use it.

A good cleaning job will not only make your lot safer, and lessen future damage, but it will also make your business look more inviting.

Seal coating

Now that your pavement is clear of debris, and you can really see what it’s like, it’s time to get it protected for future inclement weather. Spring and summer storms are definitely a thing, so you want to make sure that your pavement is ready for all the water that will hit its surface. If you live in the West or South, where the sun is intense, seal coating is also a big benefit because it helps prevent damage by UV rays. UV rays may not do much over short periods, but over time, and in big quantities, they will damage just about any surface they fall on.

Seal coating is a big benefit because it makes your parking lot and/or driveway look better and extends the life. Whether you do it in the spring, summer, or fall, seal coating is somehting you should do regularly to ensure you get the most out of your pavement.

Repair potholes and cracks

Once everything has been inspected and cleaned, it’s time for repairs. There are a few different damage repair methods that you can use, from hot or cold fillling to deep repair. This is where having a professional paving contractor will really help you. You will be able to ascertain from the type of damage exactly what you need done- will a simple seal or filling get the job done? Or will you need a full on replacement of the damaged part of your parking lot?

During this time, be prepared for good and bad news. Sometimes, a repair can be done easily, with cheaper recycled asphalt. Sometimes, you will find new, worse problems, such as tree roots growing into the pavement or serious damage that necessitates deep repairs. Either way, a professional will be able to help you decide on the best methods and most cost-effective solutions to repair the damage to your paving.


When the asphalt is repaired, inspected, seal coated, and looking almost back to normal again, it’s time to paint. Asphalt painting, such as directional arrows and parking lot lines also get worn away during the harsh winter months. You don’t have to simply repaint, you can also change the lines if you have noticed bottlenecks or unsafe places in your lot. After the winter lets up is the time to make the painted changes you wish to see in your parking lot.

Restriping your parking lot makes it safer for drivers, makes in better follow regulations, makes your business look better.

Have your asphalt paving maintenance done by certified professionals

You want your asphalt to work and look the best, so get it treated by the best. At Reliable Paving, we are highly experienced and professional paving contractors. Our services include striping (painting), seal coating, asphalt repair, and of course, inspection. We value your time as much as you do, so we will do our best to provide unrelentingly good service as we treat your pavement. If you think it’s the time to make changes, we can also do speed bump installation and ADA compliance to absolutely ensure your parking lot/driveway is as safe as it can be. Let us know today how we can help you, and we can get your spring pavement cleaning on the road.